Auto Key Services is a leading provider of vehicle locksmith services. We make standard automotive keys, high security keys and transponder/smart keys.

Standard Keys

Have you lost your car keys? Don’t worry. Our experienced locksmiths will cut a new key for you in record time. Whether you are looking to make a new key or need to create spares for safekeeping in case you lose the one you use every day, we provide an excellent and reliable automotive locksmith service customers trust and love. We understand how frustrating it can be to be locked out of your car at uncomfortable hours, and that is why we are always available whenever you need us. If you lost your keys, can’t remember where you kept it, or made the common mistake of locking your keys in the car, we can always help you get a new key so you can access your car safely without breaking anything. At Auto Key Pro, our job is to provide a safe and secure access to your vehicle, and we are committed to providing you the best vehicle locksmith services at competitive rates.

Transponder/Smart Keys

Is your transponder/smart key faulty or lost? We have a wide range of transponder keys for replacement. Regardless of your car model or brand, Auto Key Services can replace your keys within a few minutes of contacting us. At Auto Key Services, we provide key replacements for domestic and foreign vehicles. We can cut new keys from the broken pieces of the old ones at a fraction of the cost. If your old keys are worn, our specialized computerized key machines will cut new keys to manufacturer specifications. Whether you own a car or truck, use a metal key or transponder keys, lost or keys or broke it, Auto Key Service vehicle locksmiths provide a fast, efficient and affordable key replacement in the Central Region. You don’t have to tow your car because we will come to you with our specialized equipment. We get the job done without breaking or damaging anything thanks to our cutting-edge locksmith tools and vast industry experience. During emergency situations and late hours when a car key can be a lifesaver, Auto Key Services will come through when you need replacement car keys fast!

High Security Keys

Does your car use a high security key? As electronics and safety features advance, car keys are becoming more high-tech and complicated. In good times, this is a good thing as high security keys do a perfect job of denying intruders access to your vehicle. But you are in deep trouble if you lost the key because finding a replacement can be difficult.  High security keys use innovative technology such as laser, radar, and other features to keep your car safe, making them specialty gadgets. Electronic keys may offer more security than metallic keys of old, but they are more fragile and can stop working after dropping from a height or getting wet and cost more to replace. Thankfully, we stock a variety of high security keys for quick and seamless replacement when you lost your key, or it gets damaged. At Auto Key Services, we have a large stock of high security keys for immediate replacement. Whether you want us to cut new keys, reprogram an old one that has stopped responding or make a new one altogether, you can trust us to deliver. From cutting, programming, to replacement of high security keys, we provide you with a reliable and affordable source of automotive keys and FOBs. Call us get a replacement for your car keys anytime of the day 24/7.


Auto Key Services is a fully qualified car keys duplication company in Kampala – Uganda. We are the 24 7 locksmith for your car.

Our professional team of mobile car technicians are industry experts in cutting replacement car keys, remotes or key cards, transponder key and car key transponder programming. Unlike many main car dealers or competing services, the Auto Key Services staff are equipped with cutting edge equipment providing services for all major models of vehicles, new or old, directly to you at the roadside. And did we tell you we are the guys to call when you have lost your keys and need to unlock a car door?