Car keys have unique codes which are not easily replaced. Made from carbon microchip which are mounted inside a special glass case, car keys come with sensitive chips which make them very fragile. Thus, it is important to take care of your car keys and avoid careless falls or losing the key/security chip inside. However, most people don’t know this and thus require the service of immobilized key programming.

You may not recognize the importance of this security chip in your car keys until they stop working. Like any other thing that spoils, it may be because of several things including water damage, physical damage and more. When this happens and your car fails to recognize the key’s unique code, you will need to have it reprogrammed and that is where we come in. At Auto Key Services, we provide a professional immobilized key programming that sees us generate new transponders for your existing engine Immobilizer Control Unit (ICU) or Engine Control Unit (ECU).

We strive to offer great, rapid service at competitive prices with the newest quality products. Our Immobilized Key Programming service is designed to help you get reprogram & or program transponder key for your vehicle, getting rid of the stress and cost of having to replace your entire engine component. Our Immobilized Key Programming service provides professional service for most popular car manufacturers, including:

  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Jeep
  • Jaguar
  • Hyundai
  • Infiniti
  • Acura
  • And many more.

Why Use Our Service?

1. Expert Hands

Auto Key Services provides its clients with expert locksmith service for a variety of key types including doors, cars and motor cycles. We bring a unique level of experience to every client we work with, providing the best result possible.

2. The Right Equipment

Thanks to our level of experience offering professional immobilized key programming service for different car owners, we understand each situation and make use of the perfect equipment to get things done professionally, correctly and on time.

3. Swift Response

We understand that your key issues are never unplanned. So, we provide a swift response service that provides you the needed locksmith service within minutes of your call, helping you save time and meetup with your appointments.

4. Reliable Customer Service

At Auto Key Services, we value customer satisfaction and strive to provide the best service no matter the situation or need. Therefore, we have a customer service team in place ready to handle all your requests, inquiries or complaints.

So, is your key damaged? Has your key’s transponder stopped working? Do you find yourself stuck with your car not recognizing your key’s unique code? We provide a professional immobilized key programming service. We work with all cars, trucks and motorcycles, both replacing lost keys and providing immobilized key programming service so you can get back on the road faster and at a lower cost than utilizing your car dealer or a repair shop. We are committed to providing you with swift professional Immobilized Key Programming service so you never have to be stranded or miss your appointments. Contact us today!


Auto Key Services is a fully qualified car keys duplication company in Kampala – Uganda. We are the 24 7 locksmith for your car.

Our professional team of mobile car technicians are industry experts in cutting replacement car keys, remotes or key cards, transponder key and car key transponder programming. Unlike many main car dealers or competing services, the Auto Key Services staff are equipped with cutting edge equipment providing services for all major models of vehicles, new or old, directly to you at the roadside. And did we tell you we are the guys to call when you have lost your keys and need to unlock a car door?