What Is A ChipKey

ChipKeys or anti-theft auto keys contain a computer “transponder” chip in the head of the key programmed to the vehicle’s security system. Duplicate keys for your vehicle require programming this matching code in order to operate the vehicle. Auto manufacturers began phasing these keys into production vehicles starting in 1995. The vehicle’s anti-theft computer and the programmed chipkey help to curb auto theft and reduce insurance premiums.

How Do ChipKeys Work?

The computer chip in the key holds a code like a password. The computer in the vehicle reads the password in the chipkey, and if the password is correct the vehicle will start. Otherwise, the vehicle will be inoperable. This extra layer of security is a proven deterrent to theft and contributes to lower insurance premiums on vehicles with this technology.

Why Does The ChipKey Cost More Than A Plastic-Head Auto Key?

Keys developed today are no longer simply a key. Modern keys contain a transponder, which is a high-tech device that communicates electronically with the vehicle’s engine computer with a unique security code. The majority of newer vehicles use smart keys that contain special-coded computer chips. The new anti-theft automotive computer technology is a very expensive component which was designed to protect against vehicle theft. The ChipKey must be programmed to work with a particular vehicle. Programming these keys requires specialized diagnostic equipment operated by a trained technician. For those reasons and more, today’s keys are traditionally more expensive than an older model key.

Will A Non-ChipKey Operate A Vehicle?

If your vehicle is equipped with an immobilizer (75% of vehicles today are equipped with an immobilizer) then a non-chip key will not operate a vehicle. A non-chipkey can be cut to open the door or trunk, but if the vehicle has a chipkey protected security system only a chipkey that is programmed with the matching code will start your engine.

Are We Able To Make ChipKeys For All Car Makes And Models?

Our program can make chipkeys for 85% of the vehicles on the road today. Please contact us at 0706303001 to confirm if we can provide you with a key for your vehicle.

Do We Need Two Keys To Make A Duplicate ChipKey?

No, our tools only need one working chipkey to be able to make a duplicate.

My Key Remote Shell Is Broken/Damaged, Can You Assist?

Fortunately yes! We can repair broken key shells. We also stock OEM and Aftermarket Shells to replace your old shell all together and make it look and function like new.

Is It Safe To Use The Same Key After Buying A Used Car?

We at Auto Key Services always recommend protecting your vehicle as it’s one of the top investments in your life. We recommend erasing old keys and programming new keys to make sure that you only have the working ones.

Dealers Quoted Me A Good Price Over The Phone, What Am I Missing?

Most of the time when you contact the dealer and ask what the price of a new key cost, the response they provide you is the cost of the New Key itself without the programming or Cutting Cost. Make sure you ask them for the complete cost for a new key and Programming for your vehicle to compare pricing equally.

I Am Ready To Get A New Key/Remote, What ID Do You Need?

We at Auto Key Services have a strict policy and need to confirm identity of the owner and make sure the car ownership matches the identity. We accept a National ID or Driver’s License along with the car ownership