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Speaking generally, a car is a masterpiece that thrives on joint functionality, sort of like a well-oiled machine where the poor functionality of one part affects the other. You have to say that to keep such a complex yet complete machine working at top level needs top of the line services. A small part of the car which look irrelevant if given to the wrong set of people could lead to the deterioration of functionality of the entire vehicle, something which nobody would want.

Many of the latest models as well have come with savvy outlooks and new tech but with one constant which many have seemed to notice, which is the difficulty in turning the key and starting the key. I mean imagine wanting to go somewhere urgently and having difficulties turning the ignition, this would be pretty annoying.

This in no way serves as a pointer to a defect in the production of the models but rather a symptom to a certain problem that needs to be resolved. Whenever your car has a stiff ignition, a lot of turning force is required which in the process for most of the time causes the key to break from its remote shell. This points to one thing and that is your car Ignition housing mechanism is damaged internally or soon to be.

Looking at this problem, we at Auto Key Services Uganda have the expertise as well as the resources to come on site and rectify whatever situation you find yourself in either on the same day or the next depending on proximity as well as other factors like availability of parts from the dealer. Based on experience and depending on the severity of the situation, we would either need to rebuild the current car ignition housing or replace it with a new one, either ways, both options have warranties tied to it so the user can be rest assured that the process was properly done.

Another situation that occurs is having your key stuck in your ignition cylinder which is pretty much as problematic as the first two scenarios. With Auto Key Services Uganda, we have the solution for you taking away the cost of dealer diagnosis or the cost attached with towing the vehicle to the mechanic shop.

The best thing about the services we offer is on the spot replacement of parts. We also refurbish the switch blade key if it’s lose from the shell as there is a higher chance of the key blade breaking leaving you stranded which is something you do not want to happen to you.


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