Spare keys- a copy of your key that often comes with your motor cycle to be kept for future use in case of loss or theft. However, you probably have one key for your motor cycle, which is a risky situation. So, how do you get out of this situation? By getting a Motor Cycle Key Replacement or Duplicate key made for you.

Owning a spare key for your motor cycle is the most effective way to stay confident and cruising in times of stolen or missing key. It serves as an ideal backup plan for emergency situations, keeping you assured and cruising no matter the situation.

At Auto Key Services, we are dedicated to offering premium customer service within Kampala and the surrounding areas. We provide a professional motor cycle key replacement and duplication service that is designed to help keep you within the safe zone, creating the perfect backup plan for unwanted key loss- whether stolen or missing.

Why get a Key Replacement/Duplicate for your Motorcycle?

They help Prevent Key Breaking

You see, your keys also suffer from wear and tear when used for a long time. These wear and tears results to broken keys and these don’t just happen overnight; there are signs. However, when you have a spare key, you can easily avoid this situation. This is because you can easily switch them out, preventing one key from feeling the pressure of consistent use.

They Make Replacement Faster

The need for replacement is usually never planned. Its either your key got stolen, got broken or stolen. Whatever the case may be, your next move is to call the service of a locksmith. However, the process will only be fast if the locksmith has a copy of your key at hand. Otherwise, you are in for a long waiting time.

They Help You Save Time & Money

Having a spare key at hand as a motor cycle owner will help you save both time and money. if you already have it made, you can avoid the express fee you’ll have to pay when you hire a locksmith. Even when you hire a locksmith, your movement is automatically delayed as you’ll have to wait a while to have it done.

So, is your key missing or damaged? Look no further! We are a professional team of experienced locksmiths who use the best and most reliable techniques, providing you a key-cutting and duplication service that helps you spend more time on the road than finding a missing key. With our Motorcycle Key Duplication/Replacement Service, we specialize in some of your favorite manufacturers. The manufacturers we handle include:

  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • Harley Davidson
  • Suzuki
  • Victory
  • Triumph
  • Yamaha
  • Can-Am
  • Ducati

And many more including custom bikes. We also make keys for off road bikes, trike’s, scooter’s and all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s). We are a Kampala-based motorcycle locksmith to call for new bike keys done fast.


Auto Key Services is a fully qualified car keys duplication company in Kampala – Uganda. We are the 24 7 locksmith for your car.

Our professional team of mobile car technicians are industry experts in cutting replacement car keys, remotes or key cards, transponder key and car key transponder programming. Unlike many main car dealers or competing services, the Auto Key Services staff are equipped with cutting edge equipment providing services for all major models of vehicles, new or old, directly to you at the roadside. And did we tell you we are the guys to call when you have lost your keys and need to unlock a car door?